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criw cymraeg

The Criw Cymraeg is made of 15 Year 6's and is led by Mrs Dix, our Welsh coordinator.  Our aim is to encourage adults and children in our school to use more Welsh and to become a more bilingual school.

"I joined Criw Cymraeg because I wanted people to learn more Welsh than I did" - Oscar.

We have signed up to Cymraeg Campus and we hope to receive the Bronze award during Summer Term 2019.  We will keep you updated with our progress.

As well as making our school a more bilingual environment, we hope to tae our enthusiasm of the Welsh language into the community and we have started this by visiting The Crossing Cafe.

In our school we have a phrase of the fortnight and this is introduced by two members of the Criw.  This fortnight it is 'Blwyden Newydd dda' which means Happy New Year.

Get ready for a new school answer machine greeting!


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