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Metacognition and Willow Heroes

Metacognition is learning about how we learn. It is about understanding the self. Metacognitive processes include planning, problem solving, making decisions, evaluating and reflecting. It is a very important process of learning and allows children to make links in their learning. It helps them to become successful learners.


Here at Willowtown, all of our staff have been involved in choosing 5 learning behaviours that we want our children to develop – resilience, communication, collaboration, motivation and reflection. We have created characters that embody these behaviours and written our own stories about them. Each character comes with a day of fun activities at the start of each half term. This year before each character is introduced children will take part in Pupil Learning Reviews where they will set themselves a target relating to the upcoming character.


Search #WPSmetacognition on Twitter for more information.

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